September Update!

Long Beach Comic Con was a blast! I made quite a few connections. Shout out to the Sirens of Horror for inviting me to doing a podcast with them, as well as The Wookiee at Laugh it Up Fuzzball for HIS shout out.

I’d also like to express my pleasure in meeting Dianna Conley, a skilled and exceptional voice over actor who showed interest in doing audio books for my series. So for my fans out there, there’s something you can potentially look forward to.

Also, my partner in crime, A.K. Rivers was the best table companion one could ask for. Her glitter and vibrancy attracted nearly every passerby.

Pictures of the event can be found on my Instagram in the links below.

As for some book updates. Since this event came up, I’ve put a small pause on Vol. 13. I’m also starting a new job next week. Once things get normalized, I’ll resume working on that book. I’m really looking forward to completing this saga for the sake of my mental sanity and those who’ve been following me since the beginning.

You guys are awesome!

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