August update! (Yes, Vol. 12 is out!)

Just like the title says, Vol. 12 is now up and available on Amazon. I'm still working out the kinks with Smashwords since I stopped uploading to them. Part of the reason is because of some "grey" text that somehow is in the middle of my book. No matter how many times I fix and reupload, they say it's there. I don't think I've posted any books past 7? on there. Also, they don't do box sets which is fine because I have it up as KDP Select on Amazon which means I get more actual profits because of exclusivity.

I'm already hard at work writing Vol. 13. My last word count was around 8-9k. This upcoming book will wrap up the timeline and the series... technically. However, if you've been paying attention, you'll know that all the goals of Onyx's nemesis and others were about the bigger picture. THAT storyline will be wrapped up by the next generation. The plan was for a 14th book to be the actual end of the series. Depending on how long it takes me to tell that story (since there will be multiple facets) there could be as many as 15.

One of my original goals was to have the climax with Rome (no pun intended) spread out over three books instead of two. Part of the reason was because I knew I'd go into the past to give more of his "truth" and backstory. Since I'd done a pretty accurate job of doing that storytelling in the previous 10 books, there wasn't much left to tell. I mean, I'm sure there is, but for the purposes of this plot... there wasn't. However, it does leave the possibility of the Adventures of Rome or The Adventures of Rome and Melena for future storytelling if there's some serious interest.

Now for some actual news. I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con on Sept. 8th and 9th. If you're a local in the area, I suggest you stop on by. From what I've seen of the lineup, it'll be a blast. The details are in the Events tab of my page, so come check it out!

Back to this series, I made a soft promise that it would be done by the end of the year. Volume 13 will FOR SURE be done by the end of the year, 14 might be early next year. My goal is to get it done ASAP, but I have to account for real life and potential day jobs.

One last request: if you're reading this and you've enjoyed my series... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a review. Leave a review for ANY author (especially indie author) you enjoy. Reviews are worth more to us than the cost of a book.

I see people enjoying the series every day via the download graph, but no real feedback on what they loved or hated. I can tell they liked it, because they go on to buy the rest of the books in the series. I'm truly appreciative, but I really want to know how you feel!

Anyway, keep that in mind for the future! Surveys, reviews, feedback, these are all things that many people rely on for their jobs. Trust me, I had a job that was 100% customer survey based. My raises relied on a customer filling out a positive survey. If you've never worked in that environment, I'm letting you know this is how it goes. So take the time! It's invaluable to the person receiving it.