Why I write (Fret not, this is NOT the August update)

This is going to be a simple post and I'll try to be as elegant as possible. I'm not here to change minds or tell a sob story; I'm just writing, now, to give some insight.

Authors will tell you a multitude of reasons as to why they write. The only reason that I know, for sure, wouldn't be on that list would be for the money.

Writing, to me, is an escape. My childhood, while not the worst, wasn't exactly the best, emotionally speaking. I found myself in traumatic situations where I needed a place to be away from people. If you want to take a child who was innately designed to be a people person and cause them to be withdrawn and introverted, emotional trauma is the most effective way to do that. Not that I'd advocate doing such.

Growing up, I was always an oddball. Let's just say, my peculiar antics and mannerisms are more appreciated now than they were when I was a child. No one really encouraged my art until the last decade. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't inhibited from pursuing art overall, but I had mixed feedback depending on which family member was interacting with me at any given time.

But I digress... back to the trauma. I wasn't physically abused as a child... or molested. I'm thankful I never had to go through situations similar to those closest to me, but I was overtly traumatized by distant family members; cousins, etc. Much if it stems from them having their own problems, mainly bipolar disorder. To my regret, these days, if someone tells me they suffer from bipolar disorder... I instinctively run the other way. It doesn't matter if it's a lover or a friend. It didn't help that I dated someone who suffered from the same diseases when I was in my 20s which only exacerbated those lingering feelings of childhood trauma.

My escape during these ordeals was heading to the library. I'd spend hours there, reading, until close. Sometimes I'd even fantasized about "camping" there after close so I wouldn't have to go home and face pure mental anguish.

So now, when I write, it's an escape, but it's also an escape for many others who read my books. I know nothing of the lives behind the eyes of those who peruse my novellas, but I know what it was like for me when I started investing my time and energy into reading.

If I can give at least one person an escape from their personal or environmental turmoil by writing these books, that I'll have considered myself a success regardless of the income that follows.