Whoops! Skipped May.

My last update was done right before I landed a job doing graphic design for t-shirts. Needless to say, it took up much of my time... nearly two months, in fact.

Just over a week ago, I was let go from the job. Disappointing to say the least but what can ya do? Los Angeles is riddled with flippant, over privileged people who view those around them as expendable. Ironically, my former employer was intent on having me take personality tests, assessments, and making me damn near swear a blood oath that I wouldn't just up and leave after a year. Jokes on him, I'm a loyal bunny... HE'S the one who screwed up by letting me go. The reason? "We feel you aren't a right fit here."

Everyone keeps telling me things like this happen for a reason. I often hear how people had good things happen to them after they were let go from a job. I'm still waiting for my "good thing." Until it happens, I'll continue to write. As I mentioned, I'm close to wrapping this series up. This job kept me away for two months and ended up putting me severely behind. So... now that I have some time, I'll make sure to finish it before I start my next job. I promised this book at the end of May, but I wouldn't be me if there wasn't a delay of some kind. The good news is, I had a 3 day weekend in the middle of may and was able to get over 10,000 words done. I also ran a few advertising campaigns while I was employed which helped me get noticed a bit more.

Anyhoo. Just wanted to give a brief update. I'll be sure to post something else before the month ends.