Wow I haven't posted since October.

Sorry about that! No really... I sincerely apologize. 

Let's see... Halloween was celebrated by having a really painful ear infection during one of the worst windstorms in Vermont.. November was that plus getting the worst cold I've ever had. It was too cold for flu season in VT (seriously, that's from the doctor's mouth, not mine), so everyone got this really bad cold instead. It ripped through the store I worked at and hit everyone not once, but twice. It was followed up by this nasty, lingering cough. I managed to get the medicine I needed to alleviate it before my insurance ran out in January.

Okay so one of the major reasons I haven't posted... I was told I had to move. Officially, I was broken up with and told to move out and was given 3 months to do so. I spent the next 3 months working and packing all while trying to get at least two books completed. Speaking of books... Vol. 10 it out! And Vol. 11 just needs to be formatted with a couple of tweaks to the cover... but it's essentially ready to go.

Back to the news... between being sick and working, I didn't have much time to myself.

Finally, January 22nd, I was on a one-way plane ride to Los Angeles and this is where I write to you from! So to all of my fans on the West Coast, I'm not only near you, but I'll be looking for book events and signings as far north as Seattle, WA, and as far south as San Diego.

To my New England friends and fans, I'm truly sad and sorry that I had to go, but I didn't have much choice in the matter. I do believe my time there is done... for now. Vermont was the best. If I hadn't moved, I may not ever have gone full force with my writing. Between the quiet environment and the inspiration setting, I finally realized my dream and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Living in New England made that happen. I look forward to visiting for the occasional book con if my schedule will allow for it.

I'll be sure to post an announcement once Vol. 11 is out and once I get paperback ready versions for 10 and 11.

Thanks for sticking by me!