June Updates

I'm still on for the New England Author's Expo. Check out my calendar of events for more info.

As for the current status of my upcoming book, I've had a little time to myself (actually, I injured my shoulder and was taken off the work schedule for Saturday), and I cranked out a few thousand words. I plan on writing more today, but the current volume is up to 6k words, and I plan on it being a book on the smaller side, mainly because of the content.

The other thing I hope to get done BEFORE this book comes out, is a companion comic or short story about what happened between volumes 9 and 10. I plan on putting this on my patreon page and tiered reward content. Don't worry, I'm not going to charge a billion dollars for patrons to see it. It's a bit of spoiler content so it'll probably be in the $5-10 tier. I'm going to try and get as much artwork crammed in as I can. Right now, I'm working on concept art with a new artist on getting depictions of Vago as well as other side characters in the book (especially since the story pertains to him and his parentage).

Back to my original point, my goal is to get the first draft of volume 10 done before my trip to MA, and hopefully a completed copy out before the end of August.

In related news, the gift bag contents are coming along nicely, and right now, I need to work on getting print ups of bookmarks. Also, I plan on FINALLY getting my fan art page going. I was waiting on a few more pieces, but since there's been some delay on the artists' end, I'm just going to get it started now... because Pam Montes worked so damned hard on her pieces.

That's all for now!