It's here!

Volume 9!


And only two weeks late.

Sorry about that. There won't be much of an update since I'm super busy at work, and working on some youtube videos. As stated in my last post, Vol. 10 will be out at the end of summer. I have a lot on my plate for the next couple of months, and I won't have much time to write. With this book, I set a deadline for myself and ended up missing it. This is why I don't do deadlines! All I can guarantee is a general time frame. I'm still working on my other projects: videos, podcasts, and audio books; and I feel this is a good place to pause in the series so I can work on those things. If I end up with a spot of time, you can guarantee I'll be using it to write Vol. 10. I want nothing more than to get this series completed. All future books have been outlined, and I can tell you, with confidence, that there will be no more than fifteen books in this series. While I've had requests to do character spin-offs, comics, and other things, the core series won't be any more than fifteen. One, I don't want to drag it out (I really hate that), two, I have other books and ideas I want to tackle, three, there's more investment to be made in what exists already; hence the audio books.

A couple of things on the immediate agenda: I'm being interviewed for a youtube video tomorrow. I'll post the link and details once it's completed. I also have an expo I'll be attending in late July. Check out my calendar of events tab at the top of this page. I want to try and focus on getting myself out there, promoting this series. I have some really awesome and dedicated fans, and I feel this is a series more people would enjoy if they just knew about it.

If all goes well, the core books in this series should be wrapped up by next summer. Hopefully by then, I'll have a few signings/conventions/expos under my belt!

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