Okay... May Day was the 1st, I'm a little late.

I'm also a little late with my book. DON'T HURT ME! I'm sorry. Things got a little backed up on my end, but the book is currently going through edits and the cover is DONE. So right now, we're just waiting on the editor.

I've received multiple requests to submit fan art. Since they all came at once, I've decided to collect them then dedicate a page on the site specifically for fan art submissions.

Another thing I'm getting closer to working out is a comic. I might strictly do an online comic. (I don't know much about the print comic process to even tackle that, but fret not... it'll probably be something I do down the line.)

These comics will most likely be on my patreon ONLY, for a short while, before officially being posted on my website. Oh... yeah... btw I have a patreon now!

If this works out, it'll pave the way to having a swag store, an online comic feed, and other stuff.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna shill cheap t-shirts and other crap (unless you seriously want that stuff.) It'll mostly be focusing on the art of my books, as well as links to local crafters and artist friends of mine who are contributing to my gift bags. The only "cheap" thing I might have on the swag page will be buttons. I fucking LOVE buttons. My purse is covered in them. Rather than go the "cheap" route, I might look into companies who do custom-die cut buttons. (If you have anyone in mind, please send me names through the submission form.) Maybe they can include the Blame The Goth Girl logo, the necklace, some symbols... who knows.

Things I'll be getting prints of for sure, mainly because they are a part of my patreon, are bookmarks and posters. My first book cover, to me, is iconic. It sets the tone for the series, and represents my main character through and through. I don't plan on ever altering that first cover. If by some grace of whatever, a publisher decides to pick up my series, it'll be contingent on the fact that the first cover will NEVER change. *slams foot down.* But that means I'll be doing posters of my first book cover. They will be included in the patreon contributions, but they'll also be available here. I'm not sure on the price yet... but I'm not looking to make a buck off posters, I can tell you that much. They'll probably be "at cost" and cost of shipping. Otherwise, I'd be giving them away at signings, conventions, and expos—like the one I'm going to on July 26th! Don't forget! (I'm not telling YOU not to forget, I'm telling MYSELF not to forget.)

Anyway, please keep the submission train going. It really makes my day when I wake up to see site submissions and comments about people interesting in furthering my little series. You guys are so boss.


- B