Well that sucked. I deleted my blog post while editing it. ROUND TWO!

Okay so, yesterday, there was a giveaway of my box set hosted, and so far 4 of the 5 prizes have been claimed. (I've got a golden tiiiiiiiiickeeeeeeeeet) There's still one left, all it requires is that you follow me on Amazon. You'll have a chance at a win by clicking on this link

I was going to wait until all books were available, but since most of them are right now... I'll just announce it anyway: Volume's 1-7 are now available in paperback. Volume's 5, 6, and 7 are still processing, but once they are up, you'll be able to purchase them from my Amazon Author Page. I'd like to go over Volume 8 once more to make sure I've caught any and all tiny errors before getting a paperback version set up.

I've been inundated with projects (as you can see), and they left Volume 9 to sit unfinished. It's mostly tweaking some things in the story, before writing the 2nd draft. Again, I promised end of April... and I'm holding to that.

The latest project I've been working on involves resources for other self-publishers. I'm working on a youtube channel with video resources. It'll lead to me having another page on this website with embedded videos, links, and "how-to" articles.

It's not going to be a resource for writing, per se, but if you're interested in that stuff... please check out Ellen Brock. She's amazing. She also has youtube videos for writers (both new and seasoned), and editors, and she hosts a novel boot camp every July.

This will be a technical guide on navigating those tiny and tedious things one must do to get your books on places like Amazon, Smashwords, and other sites. As well as converting your ebooks to paperback files appropriate for uploading. And finally, a formatting guide so you don't have to deal with auto rejections from the aforementioned websites. Most of this is information I've acquired over the last four years since first deciding to self-publish, which I'm now confident enough to share with the rest of you. My first video is... well... you can totally tell it's a first video. I tried my best. I just need to tweak a few things and I should have it uploaded in the next few days.

But I digress, I'll be using most of this week to work on Volume 9.