April April April!

Here's a recap: Volume's 1-7 are now in a box set as well as available in paperback. Volume 8 will be in available in paperback around the time that Volume 9 will be released (end of month.)

My youtube channel is up but there aren't any videos. I have one that I made a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't happy with the result (I was also starting to get sick at the time), so I've decided to make a new version. Since I'm free for the next week, I should have something completed by Monday. My goal is to make a few How-To videos for anyone interested in self-publishing. Some of the videos are simple things like formatting a document, to uploading a file to Amazon.

Aside from the channel itself, I don't have a personalized youtube domain UNTIL I get at least 100 subscribers. So if you keep track of this blog, please please please subscribe to my youtube page. I'm not trying to whore out subs for money, I'd just like the custom domain.

My mailing list campaign was sketchy at best, and I might not do another one until after I set up a second NoiseTrade advertisement. Something I've seen other writers talk about is including a short story or companion files with each newsletter. It's something that you'd find on patreon, except there's no donation required. If and when I do another newsletter, I'll be sure to include something extra. Otherwise, whatever short stories I write... I'll probably end up uploading here.

Anyway, that's all for now. Ta-ta, tater tots.