Box Set!

After three days straight of tedious work, I was able to combine the first seven volumes into one box set. My next step is setting up Amazon Paperback for each of my books.

Lately, I've been toying the idea of having an audio book made. It's a part of the bigger picture, and something I've personally wanted to do for a while now.

Another item on the agenda is an Amazon Giveaway. As soon as I set it up, I'll have 5 box sets to give away to people who follow me on my Amazon author page.

Last but not least, I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel about my writing process, life in Vermont, and other random topics that come to mind. Not that I expect anyone to be interested (it was either that or a podcast), I'll probably do it because my mind is always coming up with stuff to do. I even came up with an idea for a YA novel. (I know, that's not my shtick, but it still came to me.)

I'll be working out the details of that later on. I'm too focused on finishing up my Blame The Goth Girl series to focus on anything else. I still have 2/3 books in a trilogy I started working on three years ago. Hint: It was the first book I ever put out... and it seriously needs an overhaul.

Anyway, here's the link to the Box Set! Happy reading!