Happy Spring Equinox!

You wouldn't think it was spring from looking outside my house... but it is. For some of you, it was never not spring (or summer for that matter... both figuratively and literally—OHAI, AUSSIE FANS!)

I'm giving an update today because I have a few announcements:

First, Volumes 1 and 2 will no longer be free starting March 31st. I decided on the last day of this month, just in case everyone else thought it would be an April Fool's joke if I did it on the first of next month. There are a few reasons for this, it's not because I'm grubby or stingy (I mean, I practically give my books away when asked for them), it's because I'm going to be starting box-set sales. My goal is to go at least 15 books with this series. In fact, I've already had ideas about spin-offs involving some of your favorite characters, along with some new ones. I can't go into details because it would spoil too much of what I have planned for the series. But I can tell you, it takes place in the future.

Another thing to note; I've had a lot of time on my hands and I'm nearly done with Volume 9. It's longer than expected (much like how Volume 6 was), but I figured—more content means more entertainment, with the end result of, more happy!

But I digress—the box-sets. I haven't decided on whether to break the box-sets into groups of 5, or more, because of how many books are currently out. I'd like to keep the "idea" of getting Volumes 1 and 2 at no cost because it will be wrapped up with other books. So I'm debating whether or not to do the first 5 or the first 7. Either way, I'll be offering up the box-sets before I take down the free volumes. Another reason is because of people who only read free books without delving into a series. In other words, no matter how compelling the books is, or how enticing the cliffhanger may be, they only read a free book because it's free. They have zero interest in committing to the series. And like any lady, I'm looking for commitment.

Lastly, another reason for removing free access is giveaways. In other words, I'll be paying for my own books to give away to others. It's a way to get more interest on my amazon page for the most part.

I'm still working on a character page for people who need "refreshers," or because my explanation of them wasn't enough to fill in the gaps people may have. Like, "Who is that guy? What is his purpose?" I hope my writing is good enough to answer these questions on its own, but I also know there is some time between the books, and I don't expect you all to reread them (though I hope you do!)

Now, moving along to other news. For those who might be anxious about more cliffhangers... fret not, there will always be SOME kind of cliffhanger, but Volume 9 will resolve things as well as pave way for what's to come. Since this story line begins in 2011, and the most recent two books take place in 2012, Volume 10 will catch us up closer to the present. It will begin in late 2016, that way all future volumes well be closer to our time frame. I did this on purpose, this was always the intention, no, I'm not lying, and there are so many surprises to come.

For the final announcement (and this is a big one), I'M GONNA HAVE PHYSICAL COPIES OF MY BOOKS! YAY!

Before that happens, however, I need to go over these books with a fine-tooth comb. I will be doing revisions and edits of current books, trying, with all my might, to catch any typos, errors, inconsistencies, and/or general weird shit that just doesn't make sense. Even the professionals still let errors slip through, but I aim for perfection. Many of you have reached out to me BEGGING for physical copies... and more than anything, I want that too. Since Amazon has a new feature to create a paperback of the book, and of course, there's always create space, there should be no hang ups. Outside of the editing, I have to get a spine and back cover designed.

Again, I hope to have this all worked out by the end of May, if not sooner.

Oh, one last thing. I know I said there would be a newsletter, but I totally got distracted from it. I still have the account set up and I still have lists of email addresses, so I hope to have something out soon.

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