August Update!

Hello fellow readers!

As promised, I have news about that new site I'm using for my promotional and advertising needs.

The site started as a way for indie and new artists to share their music for tips and exposure. Since then, they've branched to audio books and ebooks.

One of the things I'll be using this site for is a mailing list and weekly (maybe monthly, we'll see) newsletter with updates. Not many visit my website, and this might be a better way to share updates with my fans and patrons.

There isn't an author link (as far as I can tell), though each page has a link connecting the reader to the author's other works. Either way, I'll be posting both links here.

So far, I only have two books up on Noise Trade. And as more volumes are released, I may make earlier volumes free.

The way this particular site works, however, is based on tips and trading emails for free content. Tipping is optional; giving your email in exchange for a free book, is not. I figure it's the least anyone can do for free stuff, am I right?

For all my current readers who want in on the mailing list, just send me a contact request until I can get a button set up. It's not necessary for you to utilize this website, but it's there for you to share with anyone who you feel may be interested in my work.

Volume 1

Volume 2

In addition to this, volume four is now available on Smashwords as well as Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, and Apple iBooks (as well as many others). As soon as volume five is freed from its Amazon prison at the end of August, I'll be putting that one up as well. Unless something insane happens between now and then, that's when I plan on making my next news update.


Happy Reading, All!