End of August update and a tiny rant...

I wasn't going to use this news feed as a platform to vent, but I had to get something off my chest: literary agents.

Granted, the world of being an agent isn't all glitz and glam. It's hard work and I respect that. What I don't respect is expecting something from your author queries that you just aren't willing or able to give in return. If you expect the author querying you to do their research; i.e. looking up interviews, articles, bios... getting your damned name right... at least address them with something other than "Dear Author" in return.

There are writers out there who get rejected day after day, week after week, yet they press on. That's admirable. I can deal with rejection (I feel that comes with experience and age... sorry kids), but I can't deal with being brushed off without one iota of respect. All I ask is that some of these agents do an introspective look at their own hypocrisy before dishing out demands.

Of course this rejection letter happened to drop in my inbox on the same day I found out that another job I'd been declined for was posted again. I can handle being passed up for someone better suited for the job, but if that person doesn't work out—I'm still here! It's a little disheartening.

Either way, since my best friend calls me one tough cookie, I decided to do her right and get back to writing and trying. After, when my brain finally let me, I looked up other agents to take a chance on. Hopefully I'll get more feedback other than, "Dear Author."


There are a couple of updates I wanted to share. The Contact page now has a place at the bottom for newsletter signups. Also, my work is now on Draft2Digital/Books2Read. They run the same platform as Smashwords, but they also distribute to some lesser known retailers.

Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 5 is also now on Smashwords.

Starting sometime in October, I will no longer have books up for KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited. I find that the "unlimited" part is very limiting to anyone who doesn't use the program... or Amazon for that matter. I'll make another post when this takes place.

Volume 8 is coming along nicely. I'm about 10k deep in the first draft, and I hope to tackle unexplored territory... including (but not limited to) Japanese mythology, horror, and lore. So for anyone into anime or J-horror, I'll have a surprise for you come publishing time. One of my most favorite things about this series are the covers. I take such joy in sketching them out and leaving little clues about the book's contents.  Each cover is unique to the happenings of the story,  and something I won't budge on regardless of the future of the series.

Thanks for reading!