End of July update!

Some news...

First, I moved. I'm still in Vermont but now in Essex instead of Cambridge. (Finally, there are people around me!)

Second, there was a bit of a snafu with my cover artist, so volume seven has been delayed by about a week. I already feel awful about it since I was late getting it edited and finalized. (Bouncing around the country tends to put a hold on things.) Here's hoping my backup artist comes through with something amazing. I'd already planned on volume eight having a unique cover to reflect the content of the book, so depending on if my original artist is available for me in the future, I might be seeking a new artist per book from here on out. (Mostly because of style and not quality.)

Third, KDP Select on Amazon isn't doing me any favors, and it caused me to completely tune out my Smashwords account. When I went to check my info, I found that I had a whooooooooole bunch of sales from Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble. So to any of the non-Amazon people who like my books and have been patiently waiting... I'm coming through for you! At the end of this month, volume four will be in the clear to be uploaded to other retailers by way of Smashwords; and volume five will be available in mid-August. Unfortunately, volume six JUST got its KDP Select renewed, so unless I can find a way to cancel that out... it won't be available until October. However, to keep things in order, I'll be making every following book available immediately on Smashwords starting October 22nd. My goal is to have at least two more books (after seven) out by Halloween.

I'm not sure if Apple and Barnes and Noble had some kind of promotion, but at the beginning of June (just after I got back from Los Angeles) my book sales exploded.

Last, I'll be working on a newsletter in conjunction with a promotional book website. Details will be posted after my account is set up and confirmed. This site seems to promote free books with the option of "tipping" an author if you like their stuff. It also shares email address and zipcodes for an author's promotional use. (All of this info is completely transparent on their website for anyone partaking.)

As always, like and share! The links to my Facebook and Twitter can be found at the bottom of the page. Again, my first two books are free on both Smashwords and Amazon. Please leave me reviews if you enjoyed my work, and don't forget to send commentary my way in the contact section of this page. I'm always looking for feedback on the direction of the characters; who you like, dislike, etc, as well as any interest in beta reading or fan art.


Happy reading!