March Updates!

As promised, book 5 had an early release and book 3 underwent some changes. Some of the feedback I received mentioned the header font being too small when character POV changed. It's easier to follow when it's the beginning of a new chapter, but occasionally, POV will switch within a chapter. I increased the font size to 18 to make this easier to see.

Book 6 has just finished its first wave of edits and in the next week or so, I hope to begin work on the cover. I'm still aiming for an early April release. Book 7 won't be far behind as I've also received feedback on my cliffhangers which seem to drive my readers crazy (in a good way.) As much as I love to leave you all salivating over the next installment, I'm a benevolent author, and I'm here to entertain YOU and make you all happy. At least... as happy as writing these books makes me.

Though I've drafted outlines for at least 6 more books following those mentioned, some real life issues will be coming up after April, and I may have to pause in the series for about a month or two while things get situated. Fear not; it'll just be a change of address since the place I live in currently is going on the market.

As always, keep your feedback coming! I love hearing from my readers... even if it's not positive. I'm here to entertain as many readers as possible and I realize my book isn't for everyone. Keep in mind, I wrote this as an homage to my past and those who "survived" the Goth scene with me. There may be the occasional missed inside joke or pop-culture reference, but I hope to have a strong enough story to keep everyone interested.