November update! (Sorry about missing October.)

As I said in the title, sorry about missing October. It was a busy month for me. As I've made mention on this site as well as others, I needed to get a part time job to help with expenses; they don't call it struggling author for nothin'!

Volume 8 is officially two months behind schedule and I profusely apologize for that. Fret not! Everything is mapped out, as well as the next five books, and now that I have a steady work schedule, it'll be easier to get back into writing mode—yes, even with the holidays around the corner.

Some updates. While book 8 is behind, the previous two volumes are now free from the KDP select curse on Amazon. As of right now, they are available on Smashwords, and I've updated the appropriate links.

Volume 6 is available here.

Volume 7 is available here.

I see a few newsletter subs trickle in and again, I've been behind on quite a bit. Outside of a welcome letter for my website/Noisetrade signup, I haven't gotten around to making a monthly newsletter. I'm doubly upset by this because not only is Halloween my favorite holiday, but I had something cute planned for an October email. While getting actual content published is my first priority, I'll try to get an update in the works before Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe I'll make it Halloween themed just to counter all of that 2-month-early-Christmas propaganda.

Also, did anyone else notice the lack of Trick-or-treater's this year?

Anyway, while trying to keep non-political, I have to say this election was rough on a lot of people. My November update was probably a week late because of this.

My books tend to be on the liberal-feminist side and if I didn't alienate people with the content, I'm not too worried about driving away those who visit this page. Still though, I try to keep neutral about some things when it comes to voicing my opinion. The last thing I'd want is to alienate any readers. If you read my books, I know you have at least SOMEthing of an open mind and I appreciate that.

If there's one thing I've learned throughout this year... it's that we need to have an open discussion and engage with those on the opposite side. We have a seriously divided country... and even with Hillary winning the popular vote, it was the lowest tally in the last twenty or so years.

For anyone who wants to have a legitimate conversation, or for those who feel scared in general, you are always welcome to reach out to me.