January update!

I'm now four books in with my Goth Girl series and I'm excited about the rest of this year. I plan on having a fifth book out in the beginning of March and I'm currently working on the 6th in the series as I type these words. I'm really happy with the direction of the books as the characters seemed to have taken over and started writing for themselves.

I've mentioned that I plan on this series being approximately 10 volumes (though that could change.) I hope to hear everyone's feedback before it's over and after, I plan on continuing my "Hill" series once this one is complete.

Since "Falling Up Hill" was my first book, it needs an overhaul and a bit of structure adjustments.  I'd been working on the 2nd book when I moved on to "Goth Girl," and I already have a trilogy laid out. So if you're excited about a non-supernatural romantic mystery, then I've got just the book for you. Stay tuned!



*** The most recent book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on February 2nd.