Well that sucked. I deleted my blog post while editing it. ROUND TWO!

Okay so, yesterday, there was a giveaway of my box set hosted, and so far 4 of the 5 prizes have been claimed. (I've got a golden tiiiiiiiiickeeeeeeeeet) There's still one left, all it requires is that you follow me on Amazon. You'll have a chance at a win by clicking on this link

I was going to wait until all books were available, but since most of them are right now... I'll just announce it anyway: Volume's 1-7 are now available in paperback. Volume's 5, 6, and 7 are still processing, but once they are up, you'll be able to purchase them from my Amazon Author Page. I'd like to go over Volume 8 once more to make sure I've caught any and all tiny errors before getting a paperback version set up.

I've been inundated with projects (as you can see), and they left Volume 9 to sit unfinished. It's mostly tweaking some things in the story, before writing the 2nd draft. Again, I promised end of April... and I'm holding to that.

The latest project I've been working on involves resources for other self-publishers. I'm working on a youtube channel with video resources. It'll lead to me having another page on this website with embedded videos, links, and "how-to" articles.

It's not going to be a resource for writing, per se, but if you're interested in that stuff... please check out Ellen Brock. She's amazing. She also has youtube videos for writers (both new and seasoned), and editors, and she hosts a novel boot camp every July.

This will be a technical guide on navigating those tiny and tedious things one must do to get your books on places like Amazon, Smashwords, and other sites. As well as converting your ebooks to paperback files appropriate for uploading. And finally, a formatting guide so you don't have to deal with auto rejections from the aforementioned websites. Most of this is information I've acquired over the last four years since first deciding to self-publish, which I'm now confident enough to share with the rest of you. My first video is... well... you can totally tell it's a first video. I tried my best. I just need to tweak a few things and I should have it uploaded in the next few days.

But I digress, I'll be using most of this week to work on Volume 9.

Box Set!

After three days straight of tedious work, I was able to combine the first seven volumes into one box set. My next step is setting up Amazon Paperback for each of my books.

Lately, I've been toying the idea of having an audio book made. It's a part of the bigger picture, and something I've personally wanted to do for a while now.

Another item on the agenda is an Amazon Giveaway. As soon as I set it up, I'll have 5 box sets to give away to people who follow me on my Amazon author page.

Last but not least, I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel about my writing process, life in Vermont, and other random topics that come to mind. Not that I expect anyone to be interested (it was either that or a podcast), I'll probably do it because my mind is always coming up with stuff to do. I even came up with an idea for a YA novel. (I know, that's not my shtick, but it still came to me.)

I'll be working out the details of that later on. I'm too focused on finishing up my Blame The Goth Girl series to focus on anything else. I still have 2/3 books in a trilogy I started working on three years ago. Hint: It was the first book I ever put out... and it seriously needs an overhaul.

Anyway, here's the link to the Box Set! Happy reading!



Happy Spring Equinox!

You wouldn't think it was spring from looking outside my house... but it is. For some of you, it was never not spring (or summer for that matter... both figuratively and literally—OHAI, AUSSIE FANS!)

I'm giving an update today because I have a few announcements:

First, Volumes 1 and 2 will no longer be free starting March 31st. I decided on the last day of this month, just in case everyone else thought it would be an April Fool's joke if I did it on the first of next month. There are a few reasons for this, it's not because I'm grubby or stingy (I mean, I practically give my books away when asked for them), it's because I'm going to be starting box-set sales. My goal is to go at least 15 books with this series. In fact, I've already had ideas about spin-offs involving some of your favorite characters, along with some new ones. I can't go into details because it would spoil too much of what I have planned for the series. But I can tell you, it takes place in the future.

Another thing to note; I've had a lot of time on my hands and I'm nearly done with Volume 9. It's longer than expected (much like how Volume 6 was), but I figured—more content means more entertainment, with the end result of, more happy!

But I digress—the box-sets. I haven't decided on whether to break the box-sets into groups of 5, or more, because of how many books are currently out. I'd like to keep the "idea" of getting Volumes 1 and 2 at no cost because it will be wrapped up with other books. So I'm debating whether or not to do the first 5 or the first 7. Either way, I'll be offering up the box-sets before I take down the free volumes. Another reason is because of people who only read free books without delving into a series. In other words, no matter how compelling the books is, or how enticing the cliffhanger may be, they only read a free book because it's free. They have zero interest in committing to the series. And like any lady, I'm looking for commitment.

Lastly, another reason for removing free access is giveaways. In other words, I'll be paying for my own books to give away to others. It's a way to get more interest on my amazon page for the most part.

I'm still working on a character page for people who need "refreshers," or because my explanation of them wasn't enough to fill in the gaps people may have. Like, "Who is that guy? What is his purpose?" I hope my writing is good enough to answer these questions on its own, but I also know there is some time between the books, and I don't expect you all to reread them (though I hope you do!)

Now, moving along to other news. For those who might be anxious about more cliffhangers... fret not, there will always be SOME kind of cliffhanger, but Volume 9 will resolve things as well as pave way for what's to come. Since this story line begins in 2011, and the most recent two books take place in 2012, Volume 10 will catch us up closer to the present. It will begin in late 2016, that way all future volumes well be closer to our time frame. I did this on purpose, this was always the intention, no, I'm not lying, and there are so many surprises to come.

For the final announcement (and this is a big one), I'M GONNA HAVE PHYSICAL COPIES OF MY BOOKS! YAY!

Before that happens, however, I need to go over these books with a fine-tooth comb. I will be doing revisions and edits of current books, trying, with all my might, to catch any typos, errors, inconsistencies, and/or general weird shit that just doesn't make sense. Even the professionals still let errors slip through, but I aim for perfection. Many of you have reached out to me BEGGING for physical copies... and more than anything, I want that too. Since Amazon has a new feature to create a paperback of the book, and of course, there's always create space, there should be no hang ups. Outside of the editing, I have to get a spine and back cover designed.

Again, I hope to have this all worked out by the end of May, if not sooner.

Oh, one last thing. I know I said there would be a newsletter, but I totally got distracted from it. I still have the account set up and I still have lists of email addresses, so I hope to have something out soon.

As always, please like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, like and comment here in the blog, and/or subscribe to my imaginary newsletter on the contact page. If you're feeling extra kind, like my GoodreadsSmashwords, and Amazon pages. And most importantly, please leave reviews!

Yay March!

Volume 8 has finally arrived. As I posted on Facebook, I'm so, so sorry for the delay. It has been a chaotic few months, but that's no excuse!

Volume 9 is about halfway done with the first draft, and I hope to have it out by the end of April (cover and all.)

I also mention re-reading some of the past books for clues and hints on what's to come, including a trip to the past. While I don't want to spoil or reveal too much... let's just say... pay attention to what Rome says about his past in current books.

The other thing I want to do, is create a page for the cast of characters in the series. One, it'll help keep characters who don't regularly appear in the series fresh in everyone's minds, and two, it might clear up come confusion on those with similar sounding names. I will sort them by books and parts. I do this because I don't want to spoil things for new readers when I give a detailed description of someone who doesn't appear until Volume 6, and they are just tackling Volume 2. The list will have spoiler warnings, categories, descriptions of the types of creatures found in the series and their abilities as I see them in this universe. It'll almost be sort of a wikia, except I'll be in control of the information. (That came off profoundly dictator-like, and I'm sorry.)

For those whose eyes are burning for words and whose fingers are itching to swipe... here are the links to Volume 8 on both Amazon and Smashwords.

Quick February update!

The cover is on its way. I posted a sneak peek on my Twitter and Facebook (both linked at the bottom of this page) if you're interested in seeing the general concept.

Once the cover is finished, the book will be ready to go!

Again, I won't be doing pre-orders. I think they're one big crock, and I get way too anxious when waiting for my own book to be available. I have enough stress already.

Volume 9's first draft is almost halfway done. Since I have some extra time this month, I figured I'd get it finished as quickly as possible, so it's likely that we'll see it out sometime in March.

As a side project, I'm working on a short story submission for a magazine. If they accept it and I get the okay, I'll post it here. I'll also post the magazine info for those interested as well.

Just a small note to those who are anxious about our current times: keep your head up. When things get too rough, get lost in a book or listen to some ambient sounds. And once you collect yourself, volunteer, donate, march, protest... do whatever you need to do to make this world a better place.



January update!

What a busy and terrifying month.

While my book was off to the editor, I went down to Washington D.C. for the women's march. Nothing is more inspiring or powerful than seeing a bunch of people join together in the name of feminism. The march ended up being about more much than just women's issues, but I can assure you, everyone there was a feminist.

While this first week of our new overlord's presidency proved to be the scariest experience I've bore witness to since 9/11, the march proved to be a promise of hope. There are at least four other big marches in the works in the spring alone. Goddess willing, I'll be able to partake in all of them.

I've mentioned before that I don't want to politicize this blog or my stance as an author, but AS an author, it's my duty to put into words the emotions of those I'm surrounded by. If, by now, it hasn't been clear from the tone of my writing, you should know that I'm a feminist. I'm pro-equality, I'm pro-choice, I'm pro-immigration, pro-healthcare for all, pro-science, among other things. If none of these things sound appealing to you, then you probably shouldn't be here... unless you're looking for a way to change your mind.

In happier news, I'm working on getting the cover for my current book. Outside of that, the book itself is finished. I made a promise on my facebook feed that anyone who was interested in an ARC could message me for a copy. I'm more interested in your pleasure than your money. I experience joy when others are happy reading my work. This is why I write.

Another thing I'm working on is getting a newsletter going. I still have a list of emails of those who have subscribed via this website and with noisetrade. And since I have about a month off from my day job, I'll be working on getting those things going. The other thing I'm currently working on is volume 9 of this series. If I'm lucky, and my brain doesn't shut off in the process, the first draft should be finished before I return to work.

For now, enjoy some of the pictures and videos I took during the women's march!

Quick December update!

As of two minutes ago, I completed the first draft of volume 8. YAY!

This weekend, I'll be working on the second draft and then some revisions.

Again, sorry for the delay—it's been a busy few months.

After finally seeing each scene play out, I realized it was worth the wait. Though my general outline for this book has been planned out since last year, the way it all ended up was far, far better. As I've said... sometimes, the characters just take over and do it their way.

I'm extremely excited about the next phase for this book. My intention for the cover is still something which needs sorting, but I hope to have a sneak peak by the end of the year. Hell, I hope to have this book out by Christmas!

We'll see.

Anyhoo... carry on.

November update! (Sorry about missing October.)

As I said in the title, sorry about missing October. It was a busy month for me. As I've made mention on this site as well as others, I needed to get a part time job to help with expenses; they don't call it struggling author for nothin'!

Volume 8 is officially two months behind schedule and I profusely apologize for that. Fret not! Everything is mapped out, as well as the next five books, and now that I have a steady work schedule, it'll be easier to get back into writing mode—yes, even with the holidays around the corner.

Some updates. While book 8 is behind, the previous two volumes are now free from the KDP select curse on Amazon. As of right now, they are available on Smashwords, and I've updated the appropriate links.

Volume 6 is available here.

Volume 7 is available here.

I see a few newsletter subs trickle in and again, I've been behind on quite a bit. Outside of a welcome letter for my website/Noisetrade signup, I haven't gotten around to making a monthly newsletter. I'm doubly upset by this because not only is Halloween my favorite holiday, but I had something cute planned for an October email. While getting actual content published is my first priority, I'll try to get an update in the works before Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe I'll make it Halloween themed just to counter all of that 2-month-early-Christmas propaganda.

Also, did anyone else notice the lack of Trick-or-treater's this year?

Anyway, while trying to keep non-political, I have to say this election was rough on a lot of people. My November update was probably a week late because of this.

My books tend to be on the liberal-feminist side and if I didn't alienate people with the content, I'm not too worried about driving away those who visit this page. Still though, I try to keep neutral about some things when it comes to voicing my opinion. The last thing I'd want is to alienate any readers. If you read my books, I know you have at least SOMEthing of an open mind and I appreciate that.

If there's one thing I've learned throughout this year... it's that we need to have an open discussion and engage with those on the opposite side. We have a seriously divided country... and even with Hillary winning the popular vote, it was the lowest tally in the last twenty or so years.

For anyone who wants to have a legitimate conversation, or for those who feel scared in general, you are always welcome to reach out to me.



End Of September Update!

Volume 8 is coming along nicely. It'll be a larger book, however. The upside: more to read! The downside: longer to write. This book is what I like to call the "calm before the storm." Expect frightening subplots, bone chilling entities, and horrific uncertainty as Onyx goes through a J-horror-like situation.

This book is inspired by my love of Japanese style horror as well as rich Japanese culture and tradition (emphasis on tradition... you'll see.)

As with all updates, I don't have much to say in regards to the KDP Select lock-down of volume 7 except that it'll be freed up next month. At that point I'll be upload both 6 and 7 to Smashwords for all of my non-Amazon readers (as I know there are many.)

Also, the NoiseTrade campaign was a success, and for all of my readers and subscribers, expect a Halloween-themed special newsletter in the coming weeks. This is my most favorite time of the year and favorite holiday, and I want to share that with all of my fans.

Happy Fall!

End of August update and a tiny rant...

I wasn't going to use this news feed as a platform to vent, but I had to get something off my chest: literary agents.

Granted, the world of being an agent isn't all glitz and glam. It's hard work and I respect that. What I don't respect is expecting something from your author queries that you just aren't willing or able to give in return. If you expect the author querying you to do their research; i.e. looking up interviews, articles, bios... getting your damned name right... at least address them with something other than "Dear Author" in return.

There are writers out there who get rejected day after day, week after week, yet they press on. That's admirable. I can deal with rejection (I feel that comes with experience and age... sorry kids), but I can't deal with being brushed off without one iota of respect. All I ask is that some of these agents do an introspective look at their own hypocrisy before dishing out demands.

Of course this rejection letter happened to drop in my inbox on the same day I found out that another job I'd been declined for was posted again. I can handle being passed up for someone better suited for the job, but if that person doesn't work out—I'm still here! It's a little disheartening.

Either way, since my best friend calls me one tough cookie, I decided to do her right and get back to writing and trying. After, when my brain finally let me, I looked up other agents to take a chance on. Hopefully I'll get more feedback other than, "Dear Author."


There are a couple of updates I wanted to share. The Contact page now has a place at the bottom for newsletter signups. Also, my work is now on Draft2Digital/Books2Read. They run the same platform as Smashwords, but they also distribute to some lesser known retailers.

Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 5 is also now on Smashwords.

Starting sometime in October, I will no longer have books up for KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited. I find that the "unlimited" part is very limiting to anyone who doesn't use the program... or Amazon for that matter. I'll make another post when this takes place.

Volume 8 is coming along nicely. I'm about 10k deep in the first draft, and I hope to tackle unexplored territory... including (but not limited to) Japanese mythology, horror, and lore. So for anyone into anime or J-horror, I'll have a surprise for you come publishing time. One of my most favorite things about this series are the covers. I take such joy in sketching them out and leaving little clues about the book's contents.  Each cover is unique to the happenings of the story,  and something I won't budge on regardless of the future of the series.

Thanks for reading!


Book Update!

FINALLY! Volume 7 is now available on Amazon.

I kept my promise of stopping  KDP Select as it was alienating all of my readers on other platforms. However, to keep it consistent, I won't be uploading this book to other retailers by way of Smashwords until Volume 6 is freed up (which won't be until late October.)

August Update!

Hello fellow readers!

As promised, I have news about that new site I'm using for my promotional and advertising needs.

The site started as a way for indie and new artists to share their music for tips and exposure. Since then, they've branched to audio books and ebooks.

One of the things I'll be using this site for is a mailing list and weekly (maybe monthly, we'll see) newsletter with updates. Not many visit my website, and this might be a better way to share updates with my fans and patrons.

There isn't an author link (as far as I can tell), though each page has a link connecting the reader to the author's other works. Either way, I'll be posting both links here.

So far, I only have two books up on Noise Trade. And as more volumes are released, I may make earlier volumes free.

The way this particular site works, however, is based on tips and trading emails for free content. Tipping is optional; giving your email in exchange for a free book, is not. I figure it's the least anyone can do for free stuff, am I right?

For all my current readers who want in on the mailing list, just send me a contact request until I can get a button set up. It's not necessary for you to utilize this website, but it's there for you to share with anyone who you feel may be interested in my work.

Volume 1

Volume 2

In addition to this, volume four is now available on Smashwords as well as Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, and Apple iBooks (as well as many others). As soon as volume five is freed from its Amazon prison at the end of August, I'll be putting that one up as well. Unless something insane happens between now and then, that's when I plan on making my next news update.


Happy Reading, All!

End of July update!

Some news...

First, I moved. I'm still in Vermont but now in Essex instead of Cambridge. (Finally, there are people around me!)

Second, there was a bit of a snafu with my cover artist, so volume seven has been delayed by about a week. I already feel awful about it since I was late getting it edited and finalized. (Bouncing around the country tends to put a hold on things.) Here's hoping my backup artist comes through with something amazing. I'd already planned on volume eight having a unique cover to reflect the content of the book, so depending on if my original artist is available for me in the future, I might be seeking a new artist per book from here on out. (Mostly because of style and not quality.)

Third, KDP Select on Amazon isn't doing me any favors, and it caused me to completely tune out my Smashwords account. When I went to check my info, I found that I had a whooooooooole bunch of sales from Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble. So to any of the non-Amazon people who like my books and have been patiently waiting... I'm coming through for you! At the end of this month, volume four will be in the clear to be uploaded to other retailers by way of Smashwords; and volume five will be available in mid-August. Unfortunately, volume six JUST got its KDP Select renewed, so unless I can find a way to cancel that out... it won't be available until October. However, to keep things in order, I'll be making every following book available immediately on Smashwords starting October 22nd. My goal is to have at least two more books (after seven) out by Halloween.

I'm not sure if Apple and Barnes and Noble had some kind of promotion, but at the beginning of June (just after I got back from Los Angeles) my book sales exploded.

Last, I'll be working on a newsletter in conjunction with a promotional book website. Details will be posted after my account is set up and confirmed. This site seems to promote free books with the option of "tipping" an author if you like their stuff. It also shares email address and zipcodes for an author's promotional use. (All of this info is completely transparent on their website for anyone partaking.)

As always, like and share! The links to my Facebook and Twitter can be found at the bottom of the page. Again, my first two books are free on both Smashwords and Amazon. Please leave me reviews if you enjoyed my work, and don't forget to send commentary my way in the contact section of this page. I'm always looking for feedback on the direction of the characters; who you like, dislike, etc, as well as any interest in beta reading or fan art.


Happy reading!



Amazon bent to my will and now Blame The Goth Girl volumes 1 & 2 are now free!

Even though you could always get the first two books for free on Smashwords (even Kindle-friendly versions), for those die-hard Amazon users, congrats!




The download count for my books jumped 1000% within the first few hours.

Today has been a great birthday. :D

A little late June and July update!

Sorry about the delay in updates, June was a bit of a busy month for me. You'll be happy to know volume 7 is undergoing edits as I type this and I hope to get it out just before my birthday on the 15th. After that I'll be dealing with a move, but I've already started drafting volume 8 which I hope to have out by the end of August.

Happy Summer, everyone!

May Update!

Since the end of April, I've been in Los Angeles. I'll be here until June 8th... then I go back to Vermont. After that, I'll have to deal with my move.

I'm almost done with book 7's final draft, then it will be off to the editor!

For now, books 1 through 6 are all available on Amazon and books 1 through 3 are available on Smashwords. Once my KDP select is up for some of the newer books (90 days each), I'll be uploading them to smashwords individually.

I've also had a slew of reviews come in for my books over the last couple of months!

You can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

I'll try to get another update out before I leave LA.

Happy Reading!



Volume 6 is out!

There was a bit of a delay. I've been packing and getting ready for my move. But first I'll be traveling to Los Angeles for about a month and a half. I should have book 7 ready to go before my return to Vermont!

For right now, Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 6 is ready for live purchase at Amazon!

And if you're just now checking me out, here is my Amazon page with a complete list of available books!

April Update!

The editing is complete on Volume 6 and the cover is just about ready to go. I'm aiming for a release on April 12th. I've decided just to put my books out there. The pre-sale was fun and all, but too difficult to track. Volume 7 should be close behind for a May release. After that, there may be a bit of a delay for 8. As I mentioned before, I'll be packing and moving! Yay!


I'll post another update after the book is out. Happy reading, all! 

March Updates!

As promised, book 5 had an early release and book 3 underwent some changes. Some of the feedback I received mentioned the header font being too small when character POV changed. It's easier to follow when it's the beginning of a new chapter, but occasionally, POV will switch within a chapter. I increased the font size to 18 to make this easier to see.

Book 6 has just finished its first wave of edits and in the next week or so, I hope to begin work on the cover. I'm still aiming for an early April release. Book 7 won't be far behind as I've also received feedback on my cliffhangers which seem to drive my readers crazy (in a good way.) As much as I love to leave you all salivating over the next installment, I'm a benevolent author, and I'm here to entertain YOU and make you all happy. At least... as happy as writing these books makes me.

Though I've drafted outlines for at least 6 more books following those mentioned, some real life issues will be coming up after April, and I may have to pause in the series for about a month or two while things get situated. Fear not; it'll just be a change of address since the place I live in currently is going on the market.

As always, keep your feedback coming! I love hearing from my readers... even if it's not positive. I'm here to entertain as many readers as possible and I realize my book isn't for everyone. Keep in mind, I wrote this as an homage to my past and those who "survived" the Goth scene with me. There may be the occasional missed inside joke or pop-culture reference, but I hope to have a strong enough story to keep everyone interested.