End of August update and a tiny rant...

I wasn't going to use this news feed as a platform to vent, but I had to get something off my chest: literary agents.

Granted, the world of being an agent isn't all glitz and glam. It's hard work and I respect that. What I don't respect is expecting something from your author queries that you just aren't willing or able to give in return. If you expect the author querying you to do their research; i.e. looking up interviews, articles, bios... getting your damned name right... at least address them with something other than "Dear Author" in return.

There are writers out there who get rejected day after day, week after week, yet they press on. That's admirable. I can deal with rejection (I feel that comes with experience and age... sorry kids), but I can't deal with being brushed off without one iota of respect. All I ask is that some of these agents do an introspective look at their own hypocrisy before dishing out demands.

Of course this rejection letter happened to drop in my inbox on the same day I found out that another job I'd been declined for was posted again. I can handle being passed up for someone better suited for the job, but if that person doesn't work out—I'm still here! It's a little disheartening.

Either way, since my best friend calls me one tough cookie, I decided to do her right and get back to writing and trying. After, when my brain finally let me, I looked up other agents to take a chance on. Hopefully I'll get more feedback other than, "Dear Author."


There are a couple of updates I wanted to share. The Contact page now has a place at the bottom for newsletter signups. Also, my work is now on Draft2Digital/Books2Read. They run the same platform as Smashwords, but they also distribute to some lesser known retailers.

Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 5 is also now on Smashwords.

Starting sometime in October, I will no longer have books up for KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited. I find that the "unlimited" part is very limiting to anyone who doesn't use the program... or Amazon for that matter. I'll make another post when this takes place.

Volume 8 is coming along nicely. I'm about 10k deep in the first draft, and I hope to tackle unexplored territory... including (but not limited to) Japanese mythology, horror, and lore. So for anyone into anime or J-horror, I'll have a surprise for you come publishing time. One of my most favorite things about this series are the covers. I take such joy in sketching them out and leaving little clues about the book's contents.  Each cover is unique to the happenings of the story,  and something I won't budge on regardless of the future of the series.

Thanks for reading!


Book Update!

FINALLY! Volume 7 is now available on Amazon.

I kept my promise of stopping  KDP Select as it was alienating all of my readers on other platforms. However, to keep it consistent, I won't be uploading this book to other retailers by way of Smashwords until Volume 6 is freed up (which won't be until late October.)

August Update!

Hello fellow readers!

As promised, I have news about that new site I'm using for my promotional and advertising needs.


The site started as a way for indie and new artists to share their music for tips and exposure. Since then, they've branched to audio books and ebooks.

One of the things I'll be using this site for is a mailing list and weekly (maybe monthly, we'll see) newsletter with updates. Not many visit my website, and this might be a better way to share updates with my fans and patrons.

There isn't an author link (as far as I can tell), though each page has a link connecting the reader to the author's other works. Either way, I'll be posting both links here.

So far, I only have two books up on Noise Trade. And as more volumes are released, I may make earlier volumes free.

The way this particular site works, however, is based on tips and trading emails for free content. Tipping is optional; giving your email in exchange for a free book, is not. I figure it's the least anyone can do for free stuff, am I right?

For all my current readers who want in on the mailing list, just send me a contact request until I can get a button set up. It's not necessary for you to utilize this website, but it's there for you to share with anyone who you feel may be interested in my work.

Volume 1

Volume 2

In addition to this, volume four is now available on Smashwords as well as Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, and Apple iBooks (as well as many others). As soon as volume five is freed from its Amazon prison at the end of August, I'll be putting that one up as well. Unless something insane happens between now and then, that's when I plan on making my next news update.


Happy Reading, All!

End of July update!

Some news...

First, I moved. I'm still in Vermont but now in Essex instead of Cambridge. (Finally, there are people around me!)

Second, there was a bit of a snafu with my cover artist, so volume seven has been delayed by about a week. I already feel awful about it since I was late getting it edited and finalized. (Bouncing around the country tends to put a hold on things.) Here's hoping my backup artist comes through with something amazing. I'd already planned on volume eight having a unique cover to reflect the content of the book, so depending on if my original artist is available for me in the future, I might be seeking a new artist per book from here on out. (Mostly because of style and not quality.)

Third, KDP Select on Amazon isn't doing me any favors, and it caused me to completely tune out my Smashwords account. When I went to check my info, I found that I had a whooooooooole bunch of sales from Kobo, Apple, and Barnes and Noble. So to any of the non-Amazon people who like my books and have been patiently waiting... I'm coming through for you! At the end of this month, volume four will be in the clear to be uploaded to other retailers by way of Smashwords; and volume five will be available in mid-August. Unfortunately, volume six JUST got its KDP Select renewed, so unless I can find a way to cancel that out... it won't be available until October. However, to keep things in order, I'll be making every following book available immediately on Smashwords starting October 22nd. My goal is to have at least two more books (after seven) out by Halloween.

I'm not sure if Apple and Barnes and Noble had some kind of promotion, but at the beginning of June (just after I got back from Los Angeles) my book sales exploded.

Last, I'll be working on a newsletter in conjunction with a promotional book website. Details will be posted after my account is set up and confirmed. This site seems to promote free books with the option of "tipping" an author if you like their stuff. It also shares email address and zipcodes for an author's promotional use. (All of this info is completely transparent on their website for anyone partaking.)

As always, like and share! The links to my Facebook and Twitter can be found at the bottom of the page. Again, my first two books are free on both Smashwords and Amazon. Please leave me reviews if you enjoyed my work, and don't forget to send commentary my way in the contact section of this page. I'm always looking for feedback on the direction of the characters; who you like, dislike, etc, as well as any interest in beta reading or fan art.


Happy reading!



Amazon bent to my will and now Blame The Goth Girl volumes 1 & 2 are now free!

Even though you could always get the first two books for free on Smashwords (even Kindle-friendly versions), for those die-hard Amazon users, congrats!




The download count for my books jumped 1000% within the first few hours.

Today has been a great birthday. :D

A little late June and July update!

Sorry about the delay in updates, June was a bit of a busy month for me. You'll be happy to know volume 7 is undergoing edits as I type this and I hope to get it out just before my birthday on the 15th. After that I'll be dealing with a move, but I've already started drafting volume 8 which I hope to have out by the end of August.

Happy Summer, everyone!

May Update!

Since the end of April, I've been in Los Angeles. I'll be here until June 8th... then I go back to Vermont. After that, I'll have to deal with my move.

I'm almost done with book 7's final draft, then it will be off to the editor!

For now, books 1 through 6 are all available on Amazon and books 1 through 3 are available on Smashwords. Once my KDP select is up for some of the newer books (90 days each), I'll be uploading them to smashwords individually.

I've also had a slew of reviews come in for my books over the last couple of months!

You can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

I'll try to get another update out before I leave LA.

Happy Reading!



Volume 6 is out!

There was a bit of a delay. I've been packing and getting ready for my move. But first I'll be traveling to Los Angeles for about a month and a half. I should have book 7 ready to go before my return to Vermont!

For right now, Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 6 is ready for live purchase at Amazon!

And if you're just now checking me out, here is my Amazon page with a complete list of available books!

April Update!

The editing is complete on Volume 6 and the cover is just about ready to go. I'm aiming for a release on April 12th. I've decided just to put my books out there. The pre-sale was fun and all, but too difficult to track. Volume 7 should be close behind for a May release. After that, there may be a bit of a delay for 8. As I mentioned before, I'll be packing and moving! Yay!


I'll post another update after the book is out. Happy reading, all! 

March Updates!

As promised, book 5 had an early release and book 3 underwent some changes. Some of the feedback I received mentioned the header font being too small when character POV changed. It's easier to follow when it's the beginning of a new chapter, but occasionally, POV will switch within a chapter. I increased the font size to 18 to make this easier to see.

Book 6 has just finished its first wave of edits and in the next week or so, I hope to begin work on the cover. I'm still aiming for an early April release. Book 7 won't be far behind as I've also received feedback on my cliffhangers which seem to drive my readers crazy (in a good way.) As much as I love to leave you all salivating over the next installment, I'm a benevolent author, and I'm here to entertain YOU and make you all happy. At least... as happy as writing these books makes me.

Though I've drafted outlines for at least 6 more books following those mentioned, some real life issues will be coming up after April, and I may have to pause in the series for about a month or two while things get situated. Fear not; it'll just be a change of address since the place I live in currently is going on the market.

As always, keep your feedback coming! I love hearing from my readers... even if it's not positive. I'm here to entertain as many readers as possible and I realize my book isn't for everyone. Keep in mind, I wrote this as an homage to my past and those who "survived" the Goth scene with me. There may be the occasional missed inside joke or pop-culture reference, but I hope to have a strong enough story to keep everyone interested.

Quick update.

I made a few updates and error fixes to book 2 which I've just now uploaded to both Smashwords and Amazon.

Going forward, I've updated the header for each first person POV perspective so that it's a larger size and easier to follow (especially since some perspective changes occur within a chapter on occasion).

Books 3 and 4 will have the same updates done, but the new versions won't be up until I've tackled any and all errors.

I'd like to try to get everything done in one turn because Amazon's delay for updates/changes can take well over a day.

Keep checking this page for news and future announcements. In fact, there will be a special announcement on Tuesday! 

February update!

Book 4 is now live on Amazon and I couldn't be more excited!

Since I started working on this series late 2014, I was able to complete much of the story by summer 2015. I'm trying to space the books out as much as I can because I know the last half of 2016 will be spent fleshing out the rest of the series. The plan was to have one book every month to two months— which is easy when it's something you've been working on, but much more difficult when you're only beginning to tackle new volumes.

Book 5 is essentially finished, but I'm trying to polish it as much as possible to show my readers how far I've come with regards to writing development and getting into the meat of the story.

You can expect Onyx to get into more hijinks all while keeping the seriousness of the arc looming in the background. 

I wanted to pin point the story of someone who maintains their life balance by threads and some semblance of control... before the tables turn and it's taken from them.  As the reader progresses with the series and the main characters, they'll begin to notice the subtle changes in a few of the relationship dynamics. As with all friendships and other relationships, our viewpoints can change with circumstance and experience. After all, Onyx is no fool; as quickly as she gives someone her trust, it can be snapped away even quicker.

While Onyx's experience isn't limited to the continental United States (wink), she remains steadfast with her keen investigative skills, sense of style, and of course... sense of smell.

 More mysteries will unfold, and others will popup as she tries to get a handle on her ever changing world as well as many of the relationships she has yet to cultivate.

I hope you stay with me as this series will most likely exceed 10 volumes, and I have many surprises yet to come!


January update!

I'm now four books in with my Goth Girl series and I'm excited about the rest of this year. I plan on having a fifth book out in the beginning of March and I'm currently working on the 6th in the series as I type these words. I'm really happy with the direction of the books as the characters seemed to have taken over and started writing for themselves.

I've mentioned that I plan on this series being approximately 10 volumes (though that could change.) I hope to hear everyone's feedback before it's over and after, I plan on continuing my "Hill" series once this one is complete.

Since "Falling Up Hill" was my first book, it needs an overhaul and a bit of structure adjustments.  I'd been working on the 2nd book when I moved on to "Goth Girl," and I already have a trilogy laid out. So if you're excited about a non-supernatural romantic mystery, then I've got just the book for you. Stay tuned!



*** The most recent book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on February 2nd.

All books now available on Amazon!

When I started on this little hobby of mine, I didn't expect it to become a full blown career. In just two short years, I've managed write full time and put up four books with another two on the way in the next few months. And I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and friends who have been rooting for me since the beginning.

It's amazing. I didn't realize how much writing was my passion until I started doing it, and almost like an addiction, I couldn't stop. Now I've heard of a "runner's high," but I'm beginning to think there may be a "writer's high too."

So thank you all for visiting my website (it's still under construction), and be sure to check out my profiles on both Amazon and Smashwords.