Quick update.

I made a few updates and error fixes to book 2 which I've just now uploaded to both Smashwords and Amazon.

Going forward, I've updated the header for each first person POV perspective so that it's a larger size and easier to follow (especially since some perspective changes occur within a chapter on occasion).

Books 3 and 4 will have the same updates done, but the new versions won't be up until I've tackled any and all errors.

I'd like to try to get everything done in one turn because Amazon's delay for updates/changes can take well over a day.

Keep checking this page for news and future announcements. In fact, there will be a special announcement on Tuesday! 

February update!

Book 4 is now live on Amazon and I couldn't be more excited!

Since I started working on this series late 2014, I was able to complete much of the story by summer 2015. I'm trying to space the books out as much as I can because I know the last half of 2016 will be spent fleshing out the rest of the series. The plan was to have one book every month to two months— which is easy when it's something you've been working on, but much more difficult when you're only beginning to tackle new volumes.

Book 5 is essentially finished, but I'm trying to polish it as much as possible to show my readers how far I've come with regards to writing development and getting into the meat of the story.

You can expect Onyx to get into more hijinks all while keeping the seriousness of the arc looming in the background. 

I wanted to pin point the story of someone who maintains their life balance by threads and some semblance of control... before the tables turn and it's taken from them.  As the reader progresses with the series and the main characters, they'll begin to notice the subtle changes in a few of the relationship dynamics. As with all friendships and other relationships, our viewpoints can change with circumstance and experience. After all, Onyx is no fool; as quickly as she gives someone her trust, it can be snapped away even quicker.

While Onyx's experience isn't limited to the continental United States (wink), she remains steadfast with her keen investigative skills, sense of style, and of course... sense of smell.

 More mysteries will unfold, and others will popup as she tries to get a handle on her ever changing world as well as many of the relationships she has yet to cultivate.

I hope you stay with me as this series will most likely exceed 10 volumes, and I have many surprises yet to come!


January update!

I'm now four books in with my Goth Girl series and I'm excited about the rest of this year. I plan on having a fifth book out in the beginning of March and I'm currently working on the 6th in the series as I type these words. I'm really happy with the direction of the books as the characters seemed to have taken over and started writing for themselves.

I've mentioned that I plan on this series being approximately 10 volumes (though that could change.) I hope to hear everyone's feedback before it's over and after, I plan on continuing my "Hill" series once this one is complete.

Since "Falling Up Hill" was my first book, it needs an overhaul and a bit of structure adjustments.  I'd been working on the 2nd book when I moved on to "Goth Girl," and I already have a trilogy laid out. So if you're excited about a non-supernatural romantic mystery, then I've got just the book for you. Stay tuned!



*** The most recent book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on February 2nd.

All books now available on Amazon!

When I started on this little hobby of mine, I didn't expect it to become a full blown career. In just two short years, I've managed write full time and put up four books with another two on the way in the next few months. And I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and friends who have been rooting for me since the beginning.

It's amazing. I didn't realize how much writing was my passion until I started doing it, and almost like an addiction, I couldn't stop. Now I've heard of a "runner's high," but I'm beginning to think there may be a "writer's high too."

So thank you all for visiting my website (it's still under construction), and be sure to check out my profiles on both Amazon and Smashwords.